Stalogy Writeable Sticky Notes

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Stalogy Writeable Sticky Notes
Stalogy Writeable Sticky Notes
Stalogy Writeable Sticky Notes
Stalogy Writeable Sticky Notes

These translucent stickies are a favorite for multiple uses: 

  • Sturdy and sticky: 90% of each sticky's back side is covered in a no-residue adhesive, which means they'll stick firmly to multiple surface types such as walls, notebooks, your laptop, desk or fridge. 
  • Great for studying: Their translucent quality means you can use them in the place of highlighters to mark an important passage.
  • Bookmarks: Stick, move to a different page, and repeat -- these will leave no residue on your book's pages but will stay put so you never accidentally lose your place again.
  • Removable index labels: Use them as index tabs on the edge of your reference book or notebook -- this helps you identify key pages or sections of your notebook. For example, use the dark green sticky to mark where your work notes start and light green sticky to mark where you keep your home and personal notes and to-dos.
  • Brainstorming: Use one sticky per idea you want to capture. Later you can sort, order, or cluster them as needed.  
  • Kanban: Perfect for analog (aka non-digital) kanban systems -- which are a time-tested method of managing to-dos and projects. 
  • Micro-tasking: A proven system to keep motivation high for your brain while you slay through tasks. Micro-tasking is great with stickies so you can re-organize your to-dos as needed. 

Each sticky is 2 inches by 2 inches and each pack includes 15 stickies per color. 45 stickies total. Included in our Productivity Box Set and a great addition to our Smart Travel Set.

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