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Frixion 3-Color .5mm Black

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Frixion 3-Color .5mm Black - 11:11 Supply

These are one of our most magical products -- erasable 3-color pens! Get your best work done by keeping things tidy (no more scratched out notes). These are not those erasable pens from the 90s -- they fully erase and everyone at 11:11 has one of these on their person at all times -- we're obsessed!

Why we love them: Quickly switch between colors to keep your day and tasks organized. Take notes with one color, record follow-up action items in a different color, and categorize meetings with a third! The multiple colors help you understand your notes at a glance, make it easy to distinguish which tasks go with which project, and help ensure important items don't get overlooked. Works great on all paper as well as some fabrics and wood for those craft projects! We love these for everyday use as well as for calendar wrangling ('cause you know events always change!).

Product details:

  • 0.5mm
  • Refillable
  • Black/Red/Blue ink

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