Appointed Weekly Stickies

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Appointed Weekly Stickies
Appointed Weekly Stickies
Appointed Weekly Stickies

These minimalist weekly sticky notes have a multitude of productivity uses, due to their roomy layout and sticky, moveable adhesive backing (won't leave a sticky residue behind). Here are our favorite ways of putting these stickies to use:

  • Turn your current notebook into a planner: Place a weekly sticky on every page (or every other page if you want extra room for notes) and date them in advance. This allows you to track events or tasks just like in a dated planner, but with the freedom to decide how many blank pages in between weeks, wherein the page you want them, etc.
  • A family weekly calendar: Use the adhesive backing to place them on your fridge or entryway so everyone in the family can write their weekly key events (soccer practice, late work nights, early morning appointments, etc). Place four in a grid on the fridge or wall if you want to create a whole month view.
  • As a to-do pad: Write your to-dos in the day you think you'll do them vs in a random long list. This will keep them organized but will also help you be realistic about what you can accomplish in a day.
  • A meal planner: Stick a stack of 4 at a time on your fridge to plan meals ahead of time.  Doing meal planning helps reduce "choice paralysis" about what to cook during the work week (a wasteful use of your brain power) and decreases the chances you'll be tempted to go out for dinner or order take-out.   
  • Get creative: Their no-residue yet strong sticky adhesive allows them to stick to any location you need them to such as your laptop, desk, fridge, or notebook for all the other time-bound things you might be trying to keep organized. 

50 sheets in each pad. Included in the Black and Gold Desk Set, and a great addition to the Productivity Box Set.  Retro Metallic Pens not included. 

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