Appointed Task Stickies

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Appointed Task Stickies
Appointed Task Stickies
Appointed Task Stickies

Our favorite to-do pad. Why we love them:

  • Each sticky includes a checklist of Must Do, Should Do, Could Do. This supports healthy workload habits and helps you prioritize tasks in real-time.
  • 50 sheets in each pad: enough to last you nearly a year if you use one a week, or four months if you use 3 a week.
  • The light grey, minimalist layout means it's easy on the eyes with a good balance of guidance and freedom.
  • Use one of our erasable pens with these stickies to re-prioritize your tasks as your day and week changes.
  • The 3M sticky adhesive helps them stay put wherever you place them: in your notebook, laptop, or desk -- without leaving a messy residue behind.
  • Made in the USA
  • A great addition to the Black and Gold Desk Set.
  • Included in the Productivity Box Set 

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