11am to 7pm

Hundreds of tools to help you be productive (and happy) at work and home:

  • Brain-friendly notebooks
  • Home organization supplies
  • Goal-ready planners and calendars

Visit our Notebook Customization Station for a unique opportunity to not just buy the right notebook, but have it customized specifically for you

Whether you use your notebook for project planning, journaling, scheduling, goal tracking, drawing or general note taking -- we'll have a variety of tools we'll expertly add -- so you walk out with a notebook that's the perfect tool for your work and life.

Join us from 3pm for a free workshop with Paloma Medina, and learn two psychology-based tools to help you increase motivation (and decrease procrastination). These tools are easy, can help with small and big goals and tasks, and apply to life or work. 

Some examples of what this workshop can help with:

  • You have a project you keep procrastinating on (like a school paper, a big project at work), or just don't feel motivated to do (filling out your expense report, organizing your closet).
  • You're trying to build a new healthy habit, but are having a hard time making it stick (exercising, drinking more water, checking social media less often). 
  • You are trying to coach or motivate someone else to do something they keep putting off

In addition, there will be four one-on-one coaching spots available with Paloma Medina, productivity and goals coach and trainer. 

The Cleaners at Ace Hotel: 403 SW 10th Ave