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What are Learning Groups?
They are small cohorts that meet with me for four weeks for new tools and tailored coaching on their goals. Based on my 12 years as a trainer, coach and performance consultant, I designed these groups to merge the four critical learning elements:

  • Community: You'll join an intimate group of just six to twelve learners so you quickly build a supportive community, because social learning is the most powerful learning tool. 
  • Momentum: Each group meets for four weeks, for 90 minutes per session, so you see change right away and don't lose momentum between sessions. 
  • Science: Every group session will include a built-in workshop where I'll teach you new tools, tips and psychology frameworks -- so you walk away feeling like you read six of the best nonfiction books you've ever read.  
  • Practice + Feedback:  Every session also includes exercises, reflection time, group discussion and practice rounds where you'll receive immediate coaching and feedback from me (and your group!). In addition, your registration includes a one hour coaching session with me so we can dive deeper into your goals and challenges.

Registration is open now for the summer Learning Groups:


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Four Weeks to Transform Your Public Speaking Skills on Zoom: 
For those of you ready to learn about:
  • The psychology behind why presenting to virtual audiences is different for both you and for the audience, so you can understand how to address barriers and opportunities in a virtual space. 
  • What matters (and doesn't matter) about your body language, mannerisms, tone, and visual aids when presenting to visual audiences. 
  • How to identify your own style to establish credibility and build trust with your virtual audience. 
  • Tons of practice, real time feedback, and tailored coaching 
  • Includes a one-on-one coaching session with me in addition to an intimate, supportive cohort for four weeks 
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Four Weeks To a Calmer Mind and Healthier Productivity
This is a perfect Learning Group if you:
  • Feel like you never have enough time 
  • Are overwhelmed or feel overworked
  • Struggle with procrastination
  • Have a hard time making time for rest and self-care
  • Or you're just hungry for a small group to be accountable to when you implement new productivity or life/work balance habits 

You'll also be able to sign up now for the waitlist for the July and August Learning Group on assertiveness and confidence

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