Join a Learning Group

two people engaged in deep conversation in a learning group

What are Learning Groups?
They are small cohorts that meet with me for four weeks for new tools and tailored coaching on their goals. Based on my 12 years as a trainer, coach and performance consultant, I designed these groups to merge the four critical learning elements:

  • Community: You'll join an intimate group of just six to 8 learners so you quickly build a supportive community, because social learning is the most powerful learning tool. 
  • Momentum: Each group meets for four weeks, for two hours per session, so you see change right away and don't lose momentum between sessions. 
  • Science: Every group session will include a built-in workshop where I'll teach you new tools, tips and psychology frameworks -- so you walk away feeling like you read six of the best nonfiction books you've ever read (without having to flip a single page :) 
  • Practice + Feedback:  Every session includes exercises, reflection time, group discussion and practice rounds where you'll receive immediate coaching and feedback from me (and your group!). In addition, your registration includes a one-on-one coaching session with me so we can dive deeper into your goals and challenges.

Registration is open now for the following Learning Groups:

    Four Weeks To Calm, Focus & Healthy Productivity
    This is a perfect Learning Group if you:
    • Are struggling with "pandemic brain" (lack of focus, crappy memory, or just feel "out of it")
    • Feel like you never have enough time or feel overworked
    • Struggle with procrastination or staying motivated 
    • Find it difficult to make time for rest and self-care
    • Having a hard time actually sticking with your productivity or life/work balance habits
    This small group sessions will teach you science-backed tools but also provide plenty of time and support so you can test and troubleshoot until you find the right new system and techniques for your brain and your life. July dates available (June is sold out)!



    Four Weeks To Healthy Assertiveness & Confidence
    This is a Learning Group for you if:

    • You wish you could be more assertive at work or in your personal life
      **or** if you've been told you are "too aggressive". This group is designed for those at either end of the "assertiveness spectrum".
    • You are curious about assertiveness skills but are scared of being an asshole, or you're not sure what the right level of assertiveness would be most effective for the situations you face.
    • You prefer live instruction with plenty of safe practice time.
    • You learn best when you receive tailored, real-time feedback as part of a small cohort.

    July and August groups now open for registration! 



    Four Weeks to Transform Your Public Speaking Skills: 
    For those of you ready to learn about:

    • The psychology behind why presenting to virtual audiences is different for both you and for the audience, so you can understand how to address barriers and opportunities in a virtual space. 
    • What matters (and doesn't matter) about your body language, mannerisms, tone, and visual aids when presenting to visual audiences. 
    • How to identify your own style to establish credibility and build trust with your virtual audience. 
    • Tons of practice, real time feedback, and tailored coaching 
    • Includes a one-on-one coaching session with me in addition to an intimate, supportive cohort for four weeks