The Science and Practice of Hiring for Diversity and Equity

This is a tactics-filled lecture designed for anyone who sits in on interviews, conducts interviews or phone screenings, or is involved in any part of the hiring and recruiting process at their company. Attendees walk away with specific and research-backed techniques including:

  1. How to improve your sourcing practices to attract a more representative and diverse candidate pool.
  2. Specific frameworks for creating better job postings, job descriptions, and hiring criteria.
  3. What specific changes will have the biggest impact on your interviewing practices so they are more inclusive and less open to unconscious biases?
  4. An easy method to decrease problems in the decision-making phase of hiring.

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Financial Goals Deep Dive

  • Deep Dives are 90 minutes of protected time with an expert coach to strategize and get support on your goals, all in a small six person group session. This Deep Dive will focus on financial goals: Whether it's saving more money, saving for a specific purpose, paying off debt, earning more, or earning the same amount but for different work/different hours.

    Your coach for this session is Paloma Medina, who will use her expertise in goal science and coaching top performers to help you unpack and get to the root of the hurdle and provide tailored advice and feedback.

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The Psychology of Influence

This 90-minute workshop is perfect for people who are interested in helping create positive change in their work environment or in their community, or who are in a role that requires them to gain buy-in from others. Maybe you want to influence your boss to implement a new idea, or maybe you want to convince your neighbors to approve a neighborhood improvement project.

We'll cover tactics and psychology foundations such as:
Influence vs manipulation
The three commandments of positive influence
What skills set influential people apart?
Frameworks that work in a variety of situations
Brain-friendly tactics for you and the other party

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Three Skills for Equity and Inclusion

In this 90 minute, fast-paced lecture will focus on three specific behaviors and skills that anyone who is interested in increasing inclusion and equity can implement in their work and community.

These skills are specific to the psychology and neurology of inclusion and the dismantling of unconscious biases. We'll cover three science-backed skills:
1. A one-on-one conversation technique that increases inclusion and     trust
2. Mental/ cognitive exercises that decrease unconscious biases           (which get in the way of how we approach others)
3. Skills we can use in larger group settings to increase inclusion and     equity
4. Emotional intelligence behaviors that help us navigate cross-             cultural situations and cross-group conflict.