The Psychology of Influence

This 90-minute workshop is perfect for people who are interested in helping create positive change in their work environment or in their community, or who are in a role that requires them to gain buy-in from others. Maybe you want to influence your boss to implement a new idea, or maybe you want to convince your neighbors to approve a neighborhood improvement project.

We'll cover tactics and psychology foundations such as:

    • Influence vs manipulation
    • The three commandments of positive influence
    • What skills set influential people apart?
    • Frameworks that work in a variety of situations
    • Brain-friendly tactics for you and the other party

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The Psychology of Getting Your Home and Work Space Beautifully Organized.

  • Join us for two hours as we walk you through how to keep a more organized home and workspace, utilizing psychology and neuroscience to light the way. You’ll learn:

    • A no-shame, brain-friendly approach to home and office organization

    • Techniques that let you leverage your specific strengths and address your specific obstacles (no cookie cutter solutions here)

    • A bunch of nerdy science about the brain, including unpacking how it is impacted by messiness vs organization, and cluttered vs minimalist spaces

    • Honest and science-backed tips you can start and see progress on this week

    Our goal: to give you the insights and logistics so you can align your home and office with your best self and your own brand of happiness. This special workshop is in partnership with the Hoxton Hotel and will be held in their beautiful new rooftop restaurant, Tope . Complimentary brunch bites will be provided.

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Our Science of Goals Workshop: Revamped for Financial Success

If you have a financial goal you want to reach, this research-backed workshop is for you. Whether it's a savings goal, a salary or earnings goal, revenue goals for your small business or general financial abundance, this workshop will give you psychology foundations and specific techniques to ensure you're setting yourself up for success.

What you'll walk away with:

      • An easy format to ensure you are defining your money goals based on science, not hear-say (goodbye SMART goals!)
      • Ways to leverage your environment towards your goal
      • Cognitive techniques that are research-backed and increase success rates
      • Free tools and practice time to try out the tools on your own specific goals

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Three Skills for Equity and Inclusion

In this 90 minute, fast-paced lecture will focus on three specific behaviors and skills that anyone who is interested in increasing inclusion and equity can implement in their work and community.

These skills are specific to the psychology and neurology of inclusion and the dismantling of unconscious biases. We'll cover three science-backed skills:

    • A one-on-one conversation technique that increases inclusion and trust
    • Mental/ cognitive exercises that decrease unconscious biases (which get in the way of how we approach others)
    • Skills we can use in larger group settings to increase inclusion and equity
    • Emotional intelligence behaviors that help us navigate cross-cultural situations and cross-group conflict.
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The Science of Navigating Conflict

In this 90 minute workshop, we'll demystify the difference between healthy vs unhealthy conflict and provide tools for navigating either kind.

You'll learn:

    • The two tactics that set apart ordinary conflict negotiators from the brilliant and effective ones
    • Easy methods to remember what steps to take in conflict and disagreementsHow to prepare for a conflict conversation when you can, and how to respond in real-time if you're caught off guard by one.
    • How to ensure your needs are met without trampling over those of others. I.e. the difference between aggression and assertiveness in tough conversations.

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Each workshop ticket you purchase helps fund our scholarship seats for students and non-profit workers. Apply for one of these free scholarship seats by emailing from your school or your non-profit work email address and tell us in what ways this workshop will be helpful to your work or life. Scholarship seats are first-come, first-served.