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It's true, 11:11 Supply as a brand and business is closing... so I can launch a new adventure: The Notebook Bar!

You know how chefs sometimes close down their big, huge restaurants in order to start from scratch and get to build smaller, more intimate experiences? If ever there was a time to do that, it is now. The pandemic forced me to rethink what I wanted my life to be like: working non-stop to try to revive the original grand vision of our 1,400 square foot store and workshop space, or design something smaller, but equally magical? 

I decided I wanted a business model that doubled down on that tailored, supportive shopping experience, and one that acknowledges where we're at: so many of us are craving one-on-one time with experts where we can feel heard, and our problems given the time they need to be solved. Enter...the Notebook Bar!

Paloma helping customer

What will the Notebook Bar have? 

It's like when you find a salon stylist that (1) gets you (2) doesn't just cut your hair but also loves to help you find new ways you can style it, and (3) recommends the right products for your hair (not just the three they stock on their shelves). It will be like that, but with notebooks. Yessss.

The Notebook Bar will be a place to nerd out with me about which tools can help you with your goals, your work, and your cognitive and physical health. 

My goal is not to offer everything for everyone, but to really cater to those of you hungry for this special kind of supportive shopping experience and who love to explore notebooks, planners, calendars, etc. You are my people. I got you. 

What will the Notebook Bar be like? Will it be a store?

The Notebook Bar will be just like the Apple Genius Bar or your favorite salon: available mostly only by appointment. You'll be able to book an appointment for:

  • Personalized shopping: sit down at the bar, chillax, and tell me what your heart desires: a specific kind of notebook, a new way to track your week, I pen that works with your leftie writing? I'm here to listen, and based on what you're looking for, I'll share my recommendations of tools and products. You then get to have fun reviewing the options, testing them out, and asking questions along the way.  
  • To Build-A-Notebook from scratch: Our Build-a-Notebook will be back in case you need to refresh your current notebook or planner, or build one from scratch, exactly to your specifications.
  • Help Desk appointments: If you know you need more in-depth support and coaching on productivity, self care or general brain-care challenges, these one-on-one appointments are your chance to get more one-on-one help. 
  • Not sure which appointment will be right for you? Start with the personalized shopping ones and we can take it from there. 

Will the Notebook Bar still carry my favorite _______?

I will absolutely carry an even greater selection of notebooks, planners, desk pads, books, stickies and other notebook-adjacent tools like pens and dot stickers. I will no longer carry as many space-organizing nor travel products, but feel free to email me your special requests! 

pens and pencils organized in copper holders

Can I still order things online? 

Not products, but you can sign up for one of the new learning groups through our site!

I'm closing down online shopping because, well, I can't do everything at once. And what matters most to me is to offer services that focus on service, fight isolation, and help me get to know you.  

What if I have a gift card I haven't used?

You will be able to use gift cards at the Notebook Bar when it opens, and you can use them now to register for one of the new learning groups! If you have a paper gift card, email me and I can provide a digital code to use online. If you have a digital gift card just print or have the email handy when you come in for your shopping appointment, once the Notebook Bar is open this summer.  

Paloma teaching a workshop, audience member smiling

Is this temporary just because of the pandemic, will you be bringing back ______________? 

This is the 2021 and 2022 game plan! 2020 taught me a shizton of things, and one of them was that, as it turns out, my mental and physical health do much better when I'm not trying to do 30 things at once :) So although the pandemic broke everything apart, the silver lining is it forced me to get back to the basics and keep it sencillo, nimble and focused on service :) 

dot stickers and other stickies across a table

When will the Notebook Bar open?!?!?!
I'm currently looking for a space! Crossing my fingers for an opening date in summer of 2021. 

I want to be the first to find out when appointments open! Where should I be checking for that announcement? 

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I love you. I miss you. I'm so excited to serve you again!