We're a shop focused on modern office supplies and organizational tools designed to boost productivity and happiness in your daily tasks. Through our in-store displays and public workshops, you'll learn how to utilize everyday essentials to craft a lovelier, more badass life. 11:11 is committed to providing a beautiful, knowledgeable and welcoming environment for anyone looking to put intention into their day and the things that they own. Our first retail location opened April 2018 in Portland, OR.


To make every person feel capable and empowered to create better days and better lives for themselves. We do this by wedding nerdy psychology with the curation of beautiful objects: Calendars that motivate you, desk accessories that keep you focused, writing tools that inspire creativity, and more.

WHO IS 11:11?

Paloma Medina, Founder
Paloma is a performance coach and trainer that specializes in teaching teams and individuals brain-friendly methods to reach their goals and aspirations. She has worked with tech companies such as Etsy, nonprofit organizations in healthcare, as well as individual leaders and CEOs. She was born in Guadalajara, Mexico but has made a home since she was 8 years old in the West Coast. 

So why does a trainer and coach open a retail store?

"Eight years ago I was living in Portland and making $15/hr at a rad nonprofit, but had reached the top of the wage scale there. I was also hiding from my coworkers and acquaintances that I was clinically depressed and really struggling, and I tried a lot of things but nothing was improving any of these issues. It was pretty rough times.  So I started reading a ton about psychology and the science of goals and happiness, and I decided to try setting a goal according to the research.

Three years later, I surpassed that financial goal. So I set another goal and a year later, reached that goal. Then I set 3 goals a year, and achieved those -- this included becoming a performance and leadership coach and trainer for amazing companies in New York and San Francisco.  #scienceisrad right? So when I moved back to PDX after all that magic, I decided to set a new, bigger goal: open a store! But I had no idea what to sell. 
I brainstormed and decided I wanted to sell science. I wanted to sell the psychology that had helped me have such a lovely life. That's 11:11 Supply. I set that goal 1.5 yrs ago and here we are! #psychologyftw. So technically we sell beautiful office supplies and organizing goods. But not without sneaking in heavy doses of tips on how to use these things so YOU WALK OUT FEELING LIKE THE BADASS YOU ARE -- and can be.  My next goal: Make the store wildly successful! :)" 

Mimi Solum, General Manager & Coach

Mimi is an artist and teacher turned systems guru, she loves solving problems, and supporting others in their journey towards their best selves.

Her favorite 11:11 Supply tools and tips: habit tracking through stickers (infused with dopamine), erasable highlighters, and the books The Happiness Advantage and You are a Badass.

You can find her in the store most weekdays and Sundays, and soon you'll be able to book her for coaching.

Sibee Jokela, Shop Coordinator
Sibee has always had a fascination of the human brain and spent five months diving into the science behind positive psychology at the Danish Institute of Study Abroad. This, combined with her passion for making lists and lists of lists, as well as bettering people's days, brought her to 11:11 Supply. Find her to geek out over happiness enhancing strategies!
As a new and proud plant owner, you will probably catch her gazing longingly at the beautiful greenery in the store, wondering which one she needs in her home next. (Most likely to replace the one that's dying... but she still believes she'll be a successful plant owner yet!) Her biggest challenge currently is trying not to make a purchase EVERY day she's in the store!
Sibee is thrilled about the newest addition to 11:11 Supply's brick and mortar store: a Create Your Own Notebook section! Stop by to customize your own and get excited!

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