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I'm Paloma Medina, a coach, trainer, neuropsychology fan and founder of 11:11 Supply.

I'm obsessed with brain-friendly methods that help us reach our goals and make our lives and teams better. In my previous lives I worked with tech companies such as Etsy, nonprofit organizations in healthcare, as well as individual leaders and CEOs. I've called the Pacific Northwest home for 15+ years, but I originally hail from Guadalajara, Mexico and southern California (duo-culture kids unite!).


“After Paloma's workshop, I watched teammates buzz around and talk with each other excitedly. People were animated, elevated, and discussing really difficult things with zeal and openness. That's Paloma's magic. To this day, I have teammates regularly mention the training to me, and it's always with the biggest smile. I have recommended Paloma to every single person…She's the one.”
Laura W., Fully

“Everywhere I’ve worked, I have to take in person or online training on various HR initiatives. First off, you workshop is much more relevant to me and how I can better interact with my coworkers. Second, I think having your training first will spark deeper thoughts about how small behaviors add up and how these directly affect how we feel and perform on the job.”
Jacob H., Daimler

“Just wanted to share a personal victory that I had today. I say down with a client’s partner who was trying to intimidate me and get me to lower my pricing (questioning my professionalism and skill level). I thought about your conflict and negotiation class and all that you have taught me… I asked him questions that began to calm him down… I turned it around and it became more neutral and we were able to find an agreement and then he apologized to me. After that the production went great! I have always, without fail, cried in every moment of conflict with a superior. But not this time.”
Zoe Ching


How does a trainer and coach get into stationery?

The short version: I believe in the simple beauty and endless utility of analog tools (notebooks, planners, stickies, you name it). I find they are the foundation of all my best problem solving and ideation moments. 

The longer version: 12 years ago I was living in Portland and loved my job, but I was also always broke and couldn't figure out how to both get paid more and love what I do. And to complicate matters, I was hiding from my coworkers and acquaintances that I was clinically depressed and really struggling. After trying tons of things, I came across research on the science of goals and happiness, and I set out to test the science out in my own life.  

Three years later, I finished grad school, found an amazing job that paid me four times what I previously earned, and went on my first date with a hot guy I'm married to now. In those three years I had many, many freak outs and moments of doubt, but the science of happiness and brain health was what kept me grounded and pushing forward.

So, in 2017, I decided on a new challenge: how can I share the science of goals and life improvement with everyone, not just with my corporate clients?  When I looked at how this science showed up in my own life, I noticed it was in my notebooks, my planner, and other daily paper tools.  I also believe that objects that bring us joy through our senses help us feel like our best selves. And that is how 11:11 Supply was born: The Venn diagram of beautiful tools and the science of making everyday better. In 2021, I am working on bringing you new offerings, including Learning Groups and 1on1 consultations. 

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