Welcome to your Learning Group! 

Here's your checklist (due before our first session :)

  1. Workbook: If you have not yet, provide your mailing address for your workbook. If you do not receive your workbook before your first session, let me know. 
  2. Calendar: I will be sending a google calendar invite to the email address you provided at registration. It includes zoom room details and helps you ensure you're holding the right dates and times. Let me know if you have not received it. 
  3. Watch your Orientation video. This video will give you an overview of our curriculum, the sessions, and will include a mini-workshop. By having everyone watch this video on their own time before the first session, we can dive right into exercises at our first session together
  4. Reflection: Take 15 minutes to prepare your answers to these questions (no need to email them to me, just have them ready for our first session):
    • In what situations do you wish you could be more assertive or confident? Write down the who, what, when, where and any other details that helps clarify the elements that are present in those situations. 
    • Think of someone whose confidence or assertiveness style you admire (it can be someone you know or a celebrity :) write down 3 to 4 words that describe this person's confidence/ assertiveness style.

    If you have any questions in the meantime not answered in the FAQs below, reach out anytime via email or by texting 503-395-4440. You now have a direct line to me as a member of this cohort :) 


    1. What is your refund or exchange policy? Because of the small nature of the cohorts, cancellations made with less than 7 days notice are nonrefundable but can be exchanged for enrollment in another group. Cancellations made 7 days or more before the first session can be fully refunded, turned into credit for a future group, or you can transfer your credit to a friend as a gift card. 

    2. What if I have to miss a session?

    We ask that you register for this cohort only if you can make all four sessions, but should any emergencies arise, let me know within six hours of the session you will be missing and we can record it for you. The recording will be available for a month :)

    3. Can I join via phone since these are virtual sessions? Unfortunately no - you'll want to join all four sessions using the zoom desktop app, not your phone, as we'll be using features that do not work well (or at all) on the mobile app. Let me know if you have questions on this :)

    4. What kind of interactivity will the sessions include? What should I be prepared for? You'll be joining a 4-6 person cohort, and each session will include 30 min to 45 minutes of workshop where I'll be sharing new tools and giving you exercises to try alone on your own with pen and paper in real time. The rest of the session will be spent in small group discussion and group coaching, where I will help lead conversations so that each person has a chance to ask questions, gain advanced skills if needed for their situations, and receive supportive coaching in real time when they get stuck. No one will be forced to do exercises "in front" of the group, but there will be plenty of opportunity to do so if you find that helpful for your learning. 

    Either way, this will include small group discussion, so be prepared to have your camera and microphone on for the majority of the sessions, and to be free from distractions as much as possible (ie don't join if you're driving).  The quality of the sessions depends on each group member giving their full focus to each other, so we all thank you in advance :)

    5. What if I need special accommodations?  

    One of the reasons we've designed these sessions to be small is so that we can better tailor them for each person in the cohort! Email me with any requests or questions you have about making learning on Zoom work well for you, including if you'd like help setting up Zoom for greater accessibility, if you'd like taped versions to use with a screenreader later, or anything that aids in your learning. Closed captioning will be available by default at all sessions (it can be toggled on by each member as needed), but there are many other ways in which Zoom, the pace, and the slide deck can be modified based on what each member needs :)

    Learn in community: Registration for new Learning Groups is open now