Frixion 3-Color Erasable Pen - 11:11 Supply

Frixion 3-Color Erasable Pen

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I am obsessed with this pen -- it has absolutely transformed my life!

1. Three colors in one pen so I can color-code my notes and my calendar, but not over-do it (five colors and I forget what they all stand for :)

2. Fully erasable! The benefits of a pen but I can keep things tidy (no more scratched out notes!) These are not those erasable pens from the 90s -- they fully erase and everyone at 11:11 has at least three of these on their person at all times -- we're obsessed! 

3. Works great on all paper as well as some fabrics and wood for those craft projects!

These are 5mm and include black ink, blue ink and red ink. Ask me about refills when you're ready for those :) 

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