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Focus & Prioritizing Task Pad

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This desk pad will help you wrangle your busy mind because it's so much more than just a to-do list! Keep it by your desk to capture ideas, to-do's and reminders as you think of them, in a way that keeps them organized in real time! You can write them down in one of four sections: 

  • Do First (for the most important tasks)
  • Schedule (for things you'll want to add to your planner or calendar)
  • Delegate (for tasks that others can help you with)
  • Don't do (for things that you need to decline or delete from your life, because they're neither important, goal-aligned, nor urgent)


  • 7" x 9.5 "
  • 100gsm paper
  • 50 pages (bc you deserve two weeks off at least!)
  • Backboard cover
  • FSC certified paper

Who we recommend it for: 

  • If you can never find where you wrote your to-dos and reminders
  • If you over-commit to things (you say yes to everyone and everything)
  • If you just have too many to-dos and are ready for a tool that helps you keep them a little more organized

Pro-tip: Use erasable pens with this desk pad to remind you that you can move things from one section to another at any time! For example, maybe you added "schedule vet appt" to your Do First list, but realize your week got so busy you may not get to it, so you decide to move it to the Delegate section to ask your partner if they can do it. Erasable pens will help keep the lists tidy! 

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