Three Weeks to Increase your Assertiveness and Healthy Confidence - 11:11 Supply
Facilitator: Paloma Medina

Three Weeks to Increase your Assertiveness and Healthy Confidence

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Registration opens in May!

This is a perfect Learning Group if any of these feel true for you:

  • If you wish you could be more assertive at work or in your personal life, --or-- if you've been told you are "too aggressive" This group is designed for those at either end of the "assertiveness spectrum".
  • You are curious about assertiveness skills but you are scared of being an asshole, or you're not sure what the right level of assertiveness would be most effective for the situations you face.
  • You prefer live instruction with plenty of practice time
  • You learn best when you receive tailored, real-time feedback as part of the learning process
  • You don't want to learn alone, you learn best in a trusted group of people

In this Learning Group, you'll walk away with:

  • A clearer understanding of the difference between boundaries, assertiveness, self-advocacy and healthy confidence (not ego-maniac confidence :)
  • A brain-friendly framework for escalating assertiveness, so you always have a tool for each situation and conversation
  • Brain-friendly tools that allow you to clarify your needs and boundaries, whether you're talking to your boss, coworker, or a random stranger on the street.
  • Practice time under your belt with tailored feedback and coaching based on your own strengths and focus areas. 
  • A chance to see a variety of assertiveness styles, so you can create your own style that incorporates your values and personality. 

Sign up to be notified when registration opens for the July and August groups! You'll be placed on the "first-dibs" list to be notified when registration opens.

About these Learning Group sessions:

  • You'll be joining an intimate group of just six learners so you get plenty of friendly support, practice time, and individualized feedback.
  • Each group meets for three weeks, for 90 minutes per session (see time options below)
  • Each session will include: a mini-workshop where you'll learn new frameworks, tips and psychology context to understand what works and doesn't work, and small group discussion and practice rounds where you'll receive real time coaching and feedback. 
  • Bonus: The registration price for this Learning Group includes a one-on-one 30 minute coaching session with Paloma so you receive additional individualized support.

    Dates for July and August groups will be announced in late-May. Sign up for first dibs waitlist here. 

    Your trainer and coach on this journey:
    Paloma Medina is a public speaker, trainer and TEDx presenter with over 10 years of experience serving diverse  audiences and industries, from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profits. She is the founder of 11:11 Supply and The Notebook Bar in Portland, Oregon.  Read more about her here.

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