Want to be a productivity hero? 

Do this one small thing to increase productivity and calm for those around you: Don't take calls around them!

Halfalogue is when you can only hear half a conversation, such as when you're at a coffee shop and someone is talking on the phone next to you. Researchers have found that being around halfalogue impacts our memory and reduces our cognitive performance. In one study, participants did three times worse on an attention game when they had to listen to someone talking on the phone. Interestingly, this wasn't the case when there were other people talking in person to each other, or when one person was reading a monologue next to them.

This inability to focus when we're exposed to halfalogue leads to cognitive frustration -- our brain is trying to focus on a task, but can't, which is what makes it so annoying, thus increasing the release of cortisol (stress chemical) in a person.  

So be a buddy -- opt to step outside of the coffee shop, or head to the hallway or a phonebooth (for companies that have these), or schedule calls strategically to reduce how much you're exposing others to halfalogue. It's not always possible, but you'll be a productivity hero to folks around you when you do. 

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