Video: Our Favorite Feedback Techniques, with Lara Hogan

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Think of the last time you gave someone feedback - maybe it was your romantic partner, your kids, a coworker, an employee of yours, or maybe even your boss.

Now think back on it -- how did it go? Was it successful? Did you feel heard, and more importantly, did the person feel motivated to hear you out and consider your point of view?  

In our newest video collaboration with Krista Hershberger, videographer extraordinaire, Lara Hogan and I talk about our favorite feedback-giving techniques and how they help create more successful feedback conversations, regardless of your relationship with the person.   

If after watching the 11 minute video, you're ready for more communication techniques -- join us for our next two events with Lara Hogan: 

  • Book Launch Party and Fireside Chat for Lara's newest book: Resilient Management. 
    Tuesday June 18th, 6pm to 7pm
    There will be free refreshments from Improper Goods bitters, a chance to purchase a signed copy of Resilient Management fresh off the press, and Lara and I will do a fun fireside chat about both favorite and least-favorite management advice we hear people give to new leaders and managers. 

  • Coaching vs Mentorship: Skills for Managers
    Wednesday, July 10th, 5:30 to 7:30pm
    Tickets go on sale June 10th at 8am
    Whether you're a current leader or manager, or you aspire to be one in the future, this workshop is critical. Lara Hogan walks the talk of intentional management and has an impressive record for leading high-performing teams. In this workshop, she'll walk us how to ensure you're using the right leadership style: coaching, mentoring or sponsorship.  You'll learn and practice techniques in a safe, inclusive environment. 


See you there! And check out the full workshop calendar here for other events coming up. 

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