Two Questions to Keep You Grounded

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    Let's start this off with two questions: 

    • "What two things does your body need this week?"
    • "What one thing matters most today?"

    Stop whatever you're doing right now, feel free to grab a journal or stare out the window and take five minutes to really reflect on these.   

    Now that you're back, how does that feel? What is it like to give 5 minutes to ask yourself such fundamental questions?  Notice how different these are from the question many of us ask ourselves daily: "What's everything that needs to get done?!?!".  In March and April, this was the only question I was asking myself, and my stress only further mounted, because that list never grew shorter. With the pandemic, our store closing, laying off my beloved team of unicorn humans, not knowing how I would pay bills, taking crash course lessons on e-commerce all while running equity and inclusion trainings-- it was always so much.

    But as my mom says "Last week you thought you had problems, and then this week happens, and you realize those weren't problems at all."  SO TRUE MOM. Because of course then May, June, July happened: glorious uprisings across the world, federal agents kidnapping protestors in our streets, the permanence of the pandemic settling in, having to put my dog down,  wild fires leaving neighbors and friends without homes and us in Portland with air quality levels that are 4x the levels of even the most polluted cities.  So here we are.

    The key difference however was that around July, I switched my daily question from "what all needs doing?" to those two fundamental ones: 
    "What two things does my body need this week?"  and "What one thing matters most today?" Everyday, these small questions keep me grounded, in the midst of tragedy, uncertainty about the future, and confusion about what my role should be, and how I can be better, without burning out either.

    That said, like many of you, on particularly hard days I sometimes struggle with the answers to these questions. So below are a few tips and tools that I hope might help you out too... (
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