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NERD OUT — aspirations

A Brain-Friendly Alternative to New Year's Resolutions

Paloma Medina

Tags aspirations, goals, new year, resolutions

A Brain-Friendly Alternative to New Year's Resolutions

Looking for an alternative to the ambitious New Year's Resolution? Try quarterly resolutions (Q Resolutions), for a psychology-based method to slay those aspirations.  THE GISTRather than come up with a big whopper of a New Year's resolution, (which honestly freaks me out) you can break up the year into chunks by making quarterly resolutions (Q Resolutions) that build on each other. Let's illustrate this with an example -- let's say you want to exercise regularly in 2018 (one of my personal goals for 2018) -- here's how I'd transform this into Q Resolutions:  Q1 Resolution (Jan - March)Sign up for 1 super fun...