Nerd Out — adhesive pockets

HAPPY 11/11 Y'ALL: Eleven tools to celebrate with!

11/11 adhesive pockets CLUB ELEVEN dot journals generosity giveaway gratitude pen loops tools

We're pretty excited about celebrating our first 11/11 with you all! To celebrate, Paloma made her first ever internet video (her first everrrrrr!!!!) where in 6 minutes she shares: The answer to the question she gets asked the most: "What's your favorite tool?" Via eleven answers Via a giveaway so you can try these amazing little tools out for yourself.   After watching the video, comment on our instagram post with which 3 tools you'd love to try out -- we only have 5 of each to give away so post soon!  Caveat: You must be able to pick up your gift bag (full of tools) at one...

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