Podcast: There's No Such Thing as a Low-Risk Life

Gia Goodrich with blue blackground and Paloma Medina featured for Bold Bitch Podcast

I had the honor of getting to hang out (virtually, alas) with the amazing Gia Goodrich for her Bold Bitch podcast, which is out noooowwww! 

We talk about so many taboo subjects for female entrepreneurs, including managing depression and ADHD, the criticality of self-reflection, and that there is no such thing as a low-risk life (i.e that I'm not a bigger risk-taker bc I'm an entrepreneur, I just have different criteria for how I assess risk ). 

Two of the moments from the episode that I'm thinking might be good future blog posts to add some neuropsychology tips and tools around are:

Quiet Brains: Blocking an hour to just sit outside, alone, with no agenda, just staring at the sky: I've been told "Well, that's luxurious...". Nah. That's just not American. Other cultures have figured this out. 

Re-Assessing Risk:  I wonder how many people say "risk" when what they mean is "I don't have any immediate models in my life of people doing that"... because we all know people who give their whole lives to a salaried job they hate, even though that job could be gone tomorrow. And I personally can't think of anything riskier than waiting until you're 65 to do what you want to do... I think the pandemic taught us that there is no such thing as a low-risk life."

Listen to the full episode so you too can fall in love with Gia Goodrich and this fantastic new podcast (beware, I curse like a sailor in this one, my pandemic filter is very porous :) 

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