HAPPY 11/11 Y'ALL: Eleven tools to celebrate with!

11/11 adhesive pockets CLUB ELEVEN dot journals generosity giveaway gratitude pen loops tools

We're pretty excited about celebrating our first 11/11 with you all! To celebrate, Paloma made her first ever internet video (her first everrrrrr!!!!) where in 6 minutes she shares:

  1. The answer to the question she gets asked the most: "What's your favorite tool?"
  2. Via eleven answers
  3. Via a giveaway so you can try these amazing little tools out for yourself.  

After watching the video, comment on our instagram post with which 3 tools you'd love to try out -- we only have 5 of each to give away so post soon! 

Caveat: You must be able to pick up your gift bag (full of tools) at one of our December 3rd or Dec 18th pop-ups (more details coming soon!) in Portland, Oregon. Why in person? Because we want to meet you and high-five IRL of course (or high five your rad friend that offers to pick them up for you)! 

Why Portland? It's our way of saying "THANK YOU PDX! You are home. We love you. You've taken such good care of us, here's a little tiny way of sending the love right back!".

Questions or thoughts? Add them to comments below. 

Have the best 11/11 -- and don't forget to make a wish :) 

ps -- Here's some info on the psychology of generosity Paloma refers to, and the one on the research-backed benefits of gratitude

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