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As February's CreativeMornings speaker, Paloma dove into the historical, anthropological, and neuroscientific origins of "work-life balance". As part of the talk, Paloma shared an exercise anyone can do to define their own life symmetry and, should it feel unbalanced, a way to calibrate it for health and happiness.  

If you missed the event (don't feel bad, tickets sold out in 15 minutes!) no worries because you can watch the full video here, courtesy of Portland CreativeMornings

Even better news: We're providing the worksheet for free as a digital download! To get the most of the video and free exercise:

  1. Print out the worksheet, or get a large sheet of blank paper so you can recreate it
  2. Pop open the link to the video
  3. Follow along as Paloma walks you through the exercise, and provides examples from her own life and work. 

If you get stuck - be sure to check our Calendar for a full list of upcoming workshops that can help. Happy calibrating! 

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