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Beginning in March 2019, Club Eleven is being relaunched to bring you a more badass rewards program. Here's how it'll work:

  • Pop In: Each time you make an in-store purchase, you'll earn a date stamp on your punch card. Any purchase amount counts! When you have accrued four stamps, you'll become a member of Club Eleven for one year!
  • Discounts and Freebies: Once you're a member of Club Eleven, you'll receive invites to our quarterly members-only shopping days where you'll get 33% off everything in the store --plus a surprise gift for popping in!   
  • BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!! Once you earn six stamps on your card, you'll receive a ticket good for any one of our workshops (that's a $40 value y'all). Free! 


We're relaunching Club Eleven for two reasons (1) to de-confuse (yes, that's totally a word) our rewards programs and (2) to make access to these rewards more equitable. Our previous programs mega-rewarded people who had more money to spend: the more you spent at the store, the more times you got rewarded through free Scout Box goodies, and the more workshops you paid for, the faster you joined Club Eleven. 

We noticed however that many of our biggest fans didn't always have a ton of money to spend, but did come in a lot. They'd buy maybe just a few pens but they were just as enthusiastic about our mission and our brand as those who spent a lot. So we were like,"Wait up -- we should reward all fans, not just those with bigger budgets!"  

The new system gives you workshop perks and shopping perks -- for every day you pop in and make any purchase, in any amount, you get a stamp! 

The goal of Club Eleven remains to create events where rad people can come together, as well as a way for us to show you our love.  


The first Club Eleven Member Day will be May 11th, 2019. Once you become a member of Club Eleven, you’ll receive an email reminder two weeks before the event with all the details. 

The store will be open as usual on these days, but the perks will only be available to Club Eleven members. Exciting! 

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