Paloma Medina


When you attend three workshops at 11:11 and you automatically become a member of Club Eleven:
Our special, invite-only quarterly happy hour that is designed around the psychology of what makes networking events: 

  1. Introvert & extrovert-friendly
  2. Opportunities to create truly meaningful connections
  3. A gathering of rad people who love psychology, goals & life improvement as much as you do

Once you have attended three workshops you will receive a confirmation email that you are officially a member of this private club.


The first Club Eleven Happy Hour is slated for mid-October 2018.  If you're in Club Eleven, you'll receive an invite to sessions two weeks before every quarterly Club Eleven Happy Hour. We'll also include details for what to expect during our first networking event. These private happy hours will include structured brain-friendly networking, as well as wine, beer, and spritzers for all.


The goal of Club Eleven is to build a community of rad people who love psychology, goals, and life-improvement hacks, and we are excited for you to be a part of it. 

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