Organize Your Life! Choose the Right Tools & Get Your Sanity Back

Paloma Medina

It's the start of the year! How organized and ready for the year to do you feel?

A) Mostly organized and ready: your notes, to-do lists, reminders, contact info, meetings, and the 100 other pieces of information you keep track of are decently organized, and you can always find them, exactly when you need them, and your brain feels calm and in control as a result!
B) Kinda organized, kinda ready: your life is like a merry-go-around of random information, reminders and to-dos, and it's not always clear what is where, but it's not aaawwful. Though, you do wish you didn't have so many places where you keep your work and life brain (planner? calendar? desk pad? iphone?).
C) Not ready. Not organized. NOT AT ALL: your life is also like a merry-go-around, THAT GOT HIT BY A TORNADO. Your notes, your project plans, your meeting ideas, that phone number you really didn't want to loose -- all these things are randomly in 20 different places, and honestly, you wish you could hire a personal organizer to take your crazy system and for once, have it make SENSE.

If you answered B or C -- Join us for this 2 hour calibration session!
If you anwered A, join us because you'll learn two new tools to add to your badass life organization system.

In this hands-on workshop, you'll walk away with:

  • A clear list of your productivity priorities, including what matters most in your life and work to keep track of (contacts, notes, meetings, events, to-dos, reminders, etc)

  • A clear and efficient list of tools tailored to you.

  • A daily system for using these tools that helps you feel more calm and in control of your life.

BONUS: All workshop attendees receive 11% off anything in the store the day of the workshop - so you can walk away with not just new knowledge but also new tools to boot! Get Tickets and More Info Here

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