Brain Friendly Feedback: Giving and Receiving Feedback for a Better Work Life

Paloma Medina

In this workshop, you'll walk away with brain-friendly tools for giving and receiving feedback. We'll cover:

  • Three tools that will make receiving harsh feedback not so triggering but instead incredibly helpful for your goals.
  • A three-part framework to help you know what to share in a feedback conversation, so both parties walk away feeling the relationship is BETTER after the feedback.
  • Three things to NEVER do in a feedback conversation, to avoid triggering the other person.
  • How to lead a conversation even if the other person gets defensive or upset.


    • If you want to learn how to give your manager or coworker feedback that is motivating and helpful to everyone involved.
    • If you've ever given feedback in the past and it didn't go great -- you either felt waaaaay too nice and indirect, or it landed waaaaaaaay too harsh and intense.
    • If you wish you could handle receiving feedback better, so it didn't upset you so much and the conversation felt more productive.

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