Brain Friendly Feedback

Mimi Solum

In this interactive, no-judgement-no-shame workshop, we'll provide a brain-friendly way to understand the psychology of space organization and decor --> so you walk away confident you too can transform your space!

  1. You'll learn how to do an assessment to identify your own personal Organization and Decor Profile (so you know which tools to use and which to ignore -- no cookie-cutter solutions here!)
  2. We'll then use your personal Profile to create a game plan for your home or office transformation
  3. We'll cover how to apply pattern, color, volume and style techniques to create your dream space
  4. You'll also lean four techniques for decluttering and/or keeping things tidy and feeling great -- for months afterwards :)


- If there's a room (or many rooms) in your home that you wish felt different -- that you would enjoy much more if only you could figure out what to change.

- If your work space feels too cluttered, or the way it looks makes you feel unproductive or not motivated to get good work done.

- If you stare at interior design magazines and wiiiiiiish your home or office could feel half as good as those places look.

...this workshop is for you!

Tickets on sale now

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