Conflict & Negotiation 2 Hour Workshop

Paloma Medina


  • If you have a recurring conflict with someone in your life or at work
  • If you wish you felt more equipped to deal with conflict in a way that felt productive and helpful
  • If you're stuck about what to do vs not do, what to say vs not say, so that you don't make the situation worse
  • If you often feel like you end up compromising too much in conflict or negotiations

In this interactive, two hour workshop, we'll provide a brain-friendly space to learn new conflict and negotiation skills.

We'll cover:

  • Two things you can do to take care of your brain during conflict (to reduce stress and avoid regrettable behavior)
  • A three-part framework to help you know what key points to share (and which to hold off on sharing) for the most positive impact.
  • How to avoid the three most common triggers (so you don't make the situation worse :)
  • How to lead a fruitful conflict negotiation even if the other party is not amazing at dealing with conflict.
  • Two skills to help you reach win-win solutions that both parties can be happy with (without compromising all the time)

***We expect this one to sell out so we recommend getting tickets early.

HOMEWORK: Before the workshop, take 15 minutes to write down a conflict you wish could have gone better. Write down what factors mattered most to you about this conflict.


BONUS: All workshop attendees receive 11% off anything in the store the day of the workshop - so you can walk away with not just new knowledge but also new tools to boot!



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